Section K/L – Community Relations

Contains policies relating to relations with the general public, community organizations, public agencies and other educational organizations.

District‑Community Relations Goals and Objectives: KA

Public Engagement and Communications Program: KB

Community Involvement in Decision Making: KC

Community Use of District Facilities: KG/KG-AR

Public Gifts to the District: KH

Public Solicitation in District Facilities: KI

Commercial Advertising/Merchandise Sales: KIA/KIA-AR

Advertising in District Facilities: KJ

Visitors to District Facilities: KK

Public Complaints*: KL/KL-AR

Relations with Community Organizations: KM

Relations with Law Enforcement Agencies: KN/KN-AR

Relations with Colleges and Universities: LE

Relations with Home-Schooled Students: LH

Grades K-12: Participation of Homeschool and Nonpublic School Students in: LCSD LHA
Participation of Homeschool and Nonpublic School Students in Sports in: LCSD LHB

* May be subject to collective bargaining.