Section J – Students

Contains policies dealing with admission, attendance, conduct and discipline and other student matters. Most policies dealing with student activities, however, are found in Section I.

Student Policy Objectives: JAA

Equal Educational Opportunity: JB/JB-AR

Use of Aversive Interventions and Restraints: JBAB

Prevention of Sexual Misconduct towards Students – JBBA

School Attendance Areas: JC/JC-AR

Homeless Students: JECBD

Attendance: JE

Admissions: JEC

Student Absences and Excuses: JED

Student Attendance Accounting: JEE

Released Time for Students**: JEF/JEF-AR

Student Rights and Responsibilities: JF/JFA

Student Discipline: JG

Student Welfare: JH

Academics, Student GPA, Honor Roll, and Scholarship: See Section I

Student Awards and Scholarships: JI

Student Gifts and Solicitations: JL

Staff‑Student Relations (also GBH): JM

Student Fees, Fines and Charges: JN

Textbooks, Supplies and Miscellaneous: JNA

Student Education Records (FERPA),Student Participation in Federally Funded Surveys: JO
Student Education Records (FERPA),Student Participation in Federally Funded Surveys: JO-AR

The following symbols are used on some policies:

** As used in this policy, the term parent includes legal guardian or person in a parental relationship.