Section I – Instruction

Contains policies relating to the instructional program, goals, curriculum, special education, alternative education, co-curricular/extracurricular activities, assessments and grading/credits.

Instructional Goals: IA

Academic Plans: IAA

Freedom of Expression: IB

School Year/School Calendar: IC/ICA

School Day*: ID

Organization of Instruction: IE

Curriculum Development: IF

Instructional Design: IG

Human Relations: IGAB

Districtwide Parental Involvement Policy: IGBC

Special Instructional Programs** IGB

Extended Instructional Programs: IGC

Cocurricular/Extracurricular Activities: IGD

Adult Education Programs: IGE

Class Size: IHB

Instructional Resources/Instructional Materials: IIA

Guidance Program: IJ

Academic Achievement**: IK

Assessment Program**: IL

Appraisal and Improvement of Educational Programs: IM

The following symbols are used on some sample policies:

* May be subject to collective bargaining.

** As used in this policy, the term parent includes legal guardian or person in a parental relationship.