Section G – Personnel

Contains the Board’s personnel policies.  This section is divided into three sections: GB – general personnel policies, covering all staff; GC – licensed staff policies; GD – support staff policies.


EMPLOYEES (General Section)

Personnel Files: GA-1
Licensed Personnel Evaluations: GA 1.1
Licensed Personnel Evaluations: GA 1.1- AR
Employee Access: GA-2

Negative Information: GA-3
Employee Submitted Information: GA-4

Verification of Employment: GA-5
Administration: GAA-2
Acknowledgement and Receipt: GAA-2
General: GGA-GAA-GAA-1

Acquiring and Providing Employment References: GB-1
Benefits: GB-3
Code of Ethical Standards: GB-4
Confidential Information: GB-5
Criminal Defense Costs of Employees: GB-6
District Property and Premises: GB-7
Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace: GB-8
Employees with Communicable Disease: GB-9
Family and Medical Leave Act: GB-12
Information Technology: GB-13
License/Occupational Certification: GB-15
Nepotism: GB-16
Outside Employment: GB-17
Outside Investigations on Applicants/Employees: GB-18
Philosophy of Staff Development: GB-20
Pre-Employment Drug Screening: GB-21
Prevention of Illegal Harassment: GB-22
Prohibition of Workplace Violence: GB-23
Salaries/Compensation: GB-24
School Personnel Seeking Public Office: GB-25
Staff Orientation: GB-26
Supplemental or Special Contracts: GB-27
Travel Expenses: GB-28
Use of Tobacco: GB-29
Residency as a Condition of Employment: GB-31
Retirement Incentive (PERS Purchase): GB-32

Employees  Employment Compensation: GB – GBA
Employment – Compensation -AR: GBA 1-AR 
Outside Investigations on Applicants: GBA 2-AR
License -Occupational Certif-AR: GBA 3-AR 
Salaries-Compensation: GBA 4-AR 
Supplemental or Special Contracts: GBA 5-AR

Employee Relations: GBB-1
Fair Employment Practices-AR: GBB-1
Employee Dating: GBB3
Employee Dating: GBB-AR

Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act: GBB-4
Employment Disabilities – AR: GBB-6
Employment Disabilities – AR: GBB-6
Employment of Relatives: 
Employment of Relatives: 
Conflict of Interest: GBB11
Conflict of Interest: GB11-AR 
Code of Ethical Standards: 
Prohibited Activity: GBB13
Solicitation Prohibited: GBB14
Work Stoppage Prohibited:  GBB15
Use of District Property and Premises: GBB16
Staff Orientation: GBB18
Outside Employment: GBB21
Outside Employment: GBB21-AR
Personal Appearance: GBB22
Personal Appearance: GBB22-AR
Employees with a Communicable Disease: GBB23
Employees with a Communicable Disease: GBB23 -AR
Use of Tobacco: GBB24
Children in the Workplace: GBB25
Reporting Convictions, Investigations, and Change of License: GBB26
Telecommuting: GBB27
Telecommuting: GBB27-AR

Employee Leave: GBC1
Workers’ Compensation: GBC3
Transitional Duty: GBC4
Benefits: GBC5

Work Related Travel: GBC6
Work-Related Travel: GBC6-AR
Leave for Parents of Children Enrolled in School: GBC7
Leave for Nursing Mothers: GBC8


School Counselors: GC-3A
Engaging District Administrators in Annual Classroom Instruction,
Observation and Other Activities: GC-12

Employment-Assignment-Resignation: GCA
Casual/Temporary/Seasonal Employment: GCA2
Transfers/Reassignments/Promotions: GCA3
Resignation: GCA4

Probationary Period: GCB1
Performance Management: GCB2

Performance Management: GCB2-AR

Work Time: GCC
Time Reporting: GCC2
Overtime: GCC3

Disciplinary Action and Appeal – AR: GCD1
Dispute Resolution: GCD2
Dispute Resolution – AR: GCD2


Recruitment, Selection, & Appointment of Certificated (Licensed) Personnel: GDA1
Recruitment, Selection, & Appointment of Certificated (Licensed) Personnel: GDA1-AR
Certification: GDA2

Certification: GDA2-AR
Assignment: GDA3
Student Teachers: GDA4
Substitute Teachers: GDA5
Substitute Teachers: GDA5-AR
Serparation: GDA6
Separation – AR: GDA6

Disciplinary Issues: GDC – GDC1
Admonition of a Licensed Employee: GDC1-AR
Suspension: GDC2

Reduction in Force: GDD

Definition of Terms: GE