Kindergarten Math Benchmarks

First Quarter

1.K.5 Count to 10.

1.K.6 Recognize 0-10.

2.K.1 Patterns/Sort A B

4.K.l 2-Dimensional Shapes

Second Quarter

1.K.5 Count 1-20.

1.K.6 Write Numbers 0-10.

1.K.8 Match Objects 0-5.

2.K.1 Sort/Pattern A B C.

3.K.1 Compare & Order by Size.

3.K.6 Days of the Week.

4.K.2 Positional Words Under/Over, In/Out, Up/Down.

4.K.3 Shapes in the Environment.

Third Quarter

1.K.5 Count 1-20.

1.K.6 Write Numbers.

1.K.6 Recognize Number Words 0-10.

1.K.7 Estimate 1-10.

1.K.7 Position (1st, 2nd, 3rd).

1.K.8 Match 0-10 Objects.

2.K.1 Sort up to 4 items/Pattern (AAB).

2.K.l More and less.

3.K.1 Compare & Order by Size 1, 2, & 3.

3.K.4 Pennies, nickels, dimes

3.K.6 Days of the week

Fourth Quarter

1.K.1 Sums & Differences.

1.K.5 Count to 20.

1.K.6 Read, Write 0-10 number words.

1.K.7 Estimate 1-10 Ordinal position 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th.

1.K.8 Match objects 1-10.

2.K.1 Sort by attributes & Patterns.

2.K.4 More and less.

3.K.1 Compare & order by size.

3.K.4 Identify and sort dimes, nickels, & pennies.

3.K.6 Days of the week.

4.K.1 Two dimensional shapes.

4.K.2 Positional words.

4.K.3 Two dimensional shapes. The environment.