Life Skills Benchmarks

2.1.5  Demonstrate procedures for obtaining and storing fresh and prepared foods
2.2.1  Examine the nutrients, their functions and food sources.
2.2.4  Apply the food guide pyramid to meet nutritional needs of individuals and families.
2.3.2   Analyze information on food labels.
2.3.4  Analyze food costs and budgeting needs.
2.3.5  Evaluate menus based on the principles of meal planning.
2.4.1  Demonstrate ability to select, store, prepare, and serve nutritious and aesthetically pleasing foods
2.4.2  Practice etiquette, food presentation, and table service appropriate for specific situations.

2.4.4  Follow recipe directions in food preparation.

2.4.5  Demonstrate proper measurement techniques.
4.1.1  Examine how individuals and families make choices to satisfy needs and wants.
4.1.2  Implement decisions about providing safe and nutritious food.
4.1.3  Implement decisions about creating, purchasing and maintaining clothing.
4.1.4  Implement decisions about selecting housing and furnishings.
4.1.6  Implement decisions about recreation.
4.2.1  Examine functions and expectations of various types of relationships.
4.2.2  Examine personal needs and characteristics and their impact on interpersonal relationships.
4.2.3  Demonstrate communication skills that contribute to positive relationships.
4.2.4  Demonstrate effective conflict prevention and management techniques.
4.2.5  Demonstrate standards that guide behavior in interpersonal relationships.
4.3.2  Examine procedures used in seeking information related to consumer products and rights.
4.3.3  Demonstrate communication skills related to consumer rights.
4.4.1  Examine the components of financial planning, saving, and investing to achieve personal goals.
4.4.2  Demonstrate financial practices including banking, income tax, and budgeting.
4.4.5 Determine the impact of consumer credit.
4.5.2  Examine how media and technology impact family and consumer decisions.
4.6.1  Apply the steps in the decisions-making process.
4.6.2  Demonstrate ability to set short and long term goals using a planning process.
4.6.5  Examine the impact of responsible behavior.
4.6.6  Examine the short and long term consequences of drug, tobacco, and alcohol use.

This is a one-semester class.