Computer Applications Benchmarks

First Quarter

2.12.1.a Enhance keyboarding skills using proper keyboarding technique.

2.12.6.a Install and uninstall programs.

2.12.6.b Create, copy, move, rename, and delete files and folders.

2.12.2 Format, edit, and enhance a word processing application.

2.12.2.a.ii Use Fonts, tabs, margins, move, cut and paste, undo, alignment, line spacing, symbols, borders, spelling, thesaurus, indent, proofreaders marks, bullets and numbering, and headers and footers.

2.12.2.e Insert clipart and graphics, tables and columns, and sort lists.

2.12.2.a Complete a mail merge document.

Second Quarter

2.12.4.a Create a spreadsheet using editing, formatting, formulas and functions.

2.12.4.b Enter data, move, copy, paste, insert and delete columns and rows.

2.12.4.c Format cells, labels and values.

2.12.4.d Enter formulas using Autosum, Paste Function, Autofill, and Absolute References.

2.12.4.e Create graphs and charts.

2.12.4.f Link worksheets to other applications.

Third Quarter

2.12.3.a Create and utilize a basic database to input and extract data.

2.12.3.b Create tables and forms, add fields and records.

2.12.3.c Use query and filter to display selected fields.

2.12.3.d Use text, wildcard, numeric, compound, and comparison operation in a query criterion.

2.12.3.e Maintain database and create custom reports.

Fourth Quarter

2.12.5.a Employ presentation software, integrating text, graphics, and other media.

2.12.5.b Format slides using layouts, design templates, and graphics and text.

2.12.5.c Insert slide transitions, custom animation, sound, video and motion.

2.12.5.d Create and present at least a 10-slide presentation including bullets, sound, graphics, transitions, custom animation, background design, motion clip, oral presentation skills.

2.12.5.e Apply design and layout principles to create a document using desktop publishing software

2.12.5.f Demonstrate input of data from various sources; e.g., web, scanner, digital camera, etc.

2.12.5.g Merge documents