Clothing and Textiles Benchmarks

3.1.1        Construct, alter and repair apparel and textile products using a variety of equipment, tools, and supplies.

3.1.2        Examine production processes for creating fibers, yarn, woven and knit fabrics, and non-woven textile products.

3.1.3        Demonstrate fundamental skills for producing and altering textile products and apparel

3.2.1        Compare performance characteristics of fibers and textiles

3.2.2        Select appropriate procedures for use and care of textile products

3.3.1        Utilize elements and principles of design in designing, constructing, and altering textile products

3.4.1        Describe social, cultural, and life-cycle influences on apparel preferences.

3.4.2        Apply principles of wardrobe planning.

3.6.2        Explore employment opportunities in the textile and apparel industry.