Algebra I Benchmarks

First Quarter

1.12.1 Calculate and estimate sums, differences, products, quotients, powers, and roots using formulas and algorithms

1.12.3 Apply properties and theories of the real number system to everyday situations.

Second Quarter

3.12.1 Convert one unit of measure to another between customary and metric systems and between monetary systems.

5.12.4 Select and use the measures of central tendency such as mean, median, mode and variability including range, distribution and possible outliers that are appropriate for given situations.

Third Quarter

1.12.2 Apply the laws of exponents to perform operations on expressions with integral exponents and scientific notation.

2.12.3 Create and use different forms of a variety of equations, proportions, and/or formulas, solving for the needed variable as necessary in given situations.

2.12.7 Solve systems of two linear equations both algebraically and graphically; use graphing calculators as a primary tool in solving these problems and to verify solutions found by other methods.

Fourth Quarter

2.12.4 Add, subtract, multiply, and factor polynomials, describing each step in the process and the connection between the algebraic process and the arithmetic process; use simple quadratic equations with integer roots to solve practical and mathematical problems.

3.12.2 Select and use measurement tools, techniques, and formulas to calculate and compare rates, cost, distances, interest, temperatures, and weight/mass.